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iPhone Software problem most of the problem is from the hardware IC or components Damaged cost your iPhone not able to complete the IOS update or Restore from the iTunes, So the Software for iPhone more need to check the Hardware if you are not able to update the software or stop in the middle of the process.

iPhone Software Error code:

1. If the progress bar reports an error before 50% (including the progress bar does not come out or does not go) the problem is in the CPU hard disk U0301 compass (if the progress bar does not come out the hard disk and cpu) coprocessor out of progress or go a little U0301, Reinstall or replace the hard drive, replace the compass, coprocessor. Reload CPU
2. The progress bar is 50% error, indicating that the hard disk is written, the problem is in the baseband CPU baseband power supply, the baseband power supply can be replaced, and the CPU can be reinstalled.
3. Progress bar 80% or 99% error indicates that the baseband has been written, the problem lies in the NFC baseband power baseband CPU

iPhone brush error code
Error -1 baseband CPU or chip baseband power supply output is not normal (current 7P expansion brush error -1, with the latest test version of the love brush, and then brush the normal firmware can be over!)
Error 1 Baseband CPU problem or baseband power supply is not working
Error 2 baseband does not exclude power supply
Error 3 Error Report 3 There are currently two kinds of progress reports: 1. After the brush is 2/3, the error is caused by the physical damage of the baseband. 2. Brush the machine to 99% of the error, the chip can not be swallowed can be determined to be the chip problem, first repair, not replace the clock next to the baseband power supply and reinstall or replace the intermediate frequency. (At present, the 7P expansion brush gives an error of 3, using the latest test version of Aisi, and then brushing the normal firmware will be over!)
Error 6 hard drive brush to 2/3, chip problem
Error 9 Hard disk Check hard disk power supply, hard disk soldering
Error 10 Server authentication problem! Iphone6 ​​wifi or CPU soldering. Iphone6 ​​single change CPU will also appear
Error 11 Check if the firmware package is complete
Error 12 firmware shutdown verification
Error 14 hard disk, check the resistance between the hard disk and the CPU, the blue screen is mostly disconnected from the communication bus between the CPU 5S Brush error 14 blue screen is the board disconnection
Reporting more than 15 hard disk problems do not rule out hard disk power supply
Error 16 baseband CPU to chip, mostly chip
Error 20 Repainting with DFU mode
Error 21 CPU cover, battery
Error 23 8824 7.11 or more short-circuit baseband will cause 21 23 error, please remove the FL8 VVC power supply after brushing, the motherboard high current report 21, the baseband short circuit will also be 21,23 error
Error 26 baseband CPU to chip
Error 27 Chip data does not match, please use the chip reading and writing instrument to repair the chip
Error 28 CPU or hard disk
Error 29 Check the battery detection pin or the battery is broken. Or network problem
Error 31 baseband
Error 40 hard disk problem does not rule out hard disk power supply
Error 47 chip or communication CPU
Error 48 Baseband CPU or chip corruption Chips are not necessarily bad and can be repaired
Error 50 baseband CPU failure
Error 53 Touch id fingerprint server authentication
Reporting error 56 Most of the NFC baseband CPU to chip, iphone6 ​​rear camera or camera power supply caused more
Error 91 hard drive
Error 1003 baseband or hard drive
Error 1005 hard drive
Error 1013 server authentication problem
Report error 1015 is a problem with the downgrade firmware, repair the computer system and then brush
Error 1600 CPU
Error 1601 CPU
Error 1602 USB power supply or system problem
Error 1611 hard disk soldering
Error 1669 chips, missing data or not 6S tail plug will give an error 1669
Error 2002 Check if the connection to the Apple server is related to the use of a proxy server
Report error 2003 for USB or computer
Reporting 2009 Replace the computer, try again after a while, the hard disk power supply try to brush the machine multiple times
Error 3004 battery, data cable, computer USB interface is unstable
Error 3014 Check that the computer is connected properly. Check if the server’s SHSH backup is normal when downgrading.
Error 3049 CPU
Error 3194 Firmware is not compatible, 1: Verification is off 2: Demon 3: Trigger 4: Peripheral not communicating 5: Tail plug 6: Data cable 7: Computer firewall is not turned off [360 antivirus software]
Error 4005 Hard disk problem does not exclude hard disk power supply, replace the computer
Error 4013 Hua screen restart has English, I2C bus short circuit or virtual solder, the chip on the connection line has CPU bottom layer, hard disk, U2, wifi, hard disk, etc.
Error 4014 CPU may be hard disk line
Error 4015 CPU upper layer
Error 0xe800006B Is the USB cable normal? Check if the device is connected properly.
Error DXEXXXX error Ituns is not installed in the C drive
Error -23 iPad6 error -23 is the battery is dead

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